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At Creative Golf Marketing, we're constantly striving to provide the most up-to-date and relevant information for the private club industry. If you have a question, topic or strategy you would like us to answer and/or advise on, please take a... Continue Reading →

Ranking Your Members’ Engagement Online

Members know what Facebook is. They know what LinkedIn is. They know or have heard of most of the rest of social media website and apps. But their knowledge, and more importantly, their strategic view of it is probably very... Continue Reading →

Yes, You Really Need to Know Those Answers

Member surveys are an important element when reviewing your marketing efforts and are valuable for a number of reasons. They allow you to collect important feedback from your members, make improvements to your club (thus boosting engagement and retention), and... Continue Reading →

SUCCESS STORY – Squire Creek Country Club

Squire Creek Country Club is a private country club located in Choudrant, Louisiana, 30 minutes outside of Monroe (population 50,000). Founded in 2002, Squire Creek combines an unparalleled family experience with the values of service, camaraderie and elegance. Squire Creek’s... Continue Reading →

Trend Tracking: A Strategy for Keeping Members

Losing a member, for whatever reason, has a negative impact on the club’s financials and places an additional burden on the club to replace that member.

“Their strategies were very successful.”

“Working with the entire team at CGM was like having my own marketing agency at my fingertips which allowed me to focus on the daily tasks involved with building relationships and following up with a large number of prospective candidates. Their... Continue Reading →

SUCCESS STORY – Everett Golf & Country Club

Everett Golf & Country Club is a private, member-owned country club located in Everett, Washington, 30 miles north of Seattle. The Club offers a full-service private club experience with golf, swimming and fitness programs, locally infused culinary offerings and a... Continue Reading →

A New Way for the Score Card Playoff

If you have ever played in a golf tournament at a private club or golf course you have encountered the frustration of having tied for a place in the tournament only to find out you won or lost in a... Continue Reading →

Reducing Resignations

Losing a member, for whatever reason, has a negative impact on the club’s financials and places an additional burden on the club to replace that member.

Focus on the Trees, Not the Forest.

As clubs across the country try to simply keep pace with annual attrition regarding new member growth, studying data and focusing on keeping members happy and engaged is becoming a critical part of a club’s on-going strategic plan. But where do you start?

Golf Inc. – Adviser of the Year

Whether helping a club revitalize its slumping membership or guiding club leadership through a complex financial transition, Creative Golf Marketing has made a difference for their clients.

What If You Could Predict the Future?

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a crystal ball and could identify those members most at risk of resigning? You could begin identifying reasons they might leave and reach out to them before they do!

Part 1: The Perfect Membership Marketing Plan

Investing time to understand where your marketing plan is now and where you want it to go, will give you a positive start to hit the ground running for the upcoming season.

Part 2: The Perfect Membership Marketing Plan

Every club needs to begin with a well structured plan that is based in thorough research, a defined target market, attainable outcomes, metrics to track your progress, and solidifying everyone's role in the process.

‘Can’t Miss’ Booths at the CMAA Club Business Expo

Creative Golf Marketing is honored to be listed as one of the 'can't miss' exhibitors at the CMAA World Conference - Club Business Expo in the January/February issue of the Club Management magazine. Please make sure to stop by Booth... Continue Reading →

Make sure to come listen to our education session at the CMAA World Conference in Nashville. This session is going to discuss strategies that will identify 'at-risk' and distracted members and provide ideas on how to create action plans to re-engage these... Continue Reading →

It is with great pleasure that Creative Golf Marketing receives the 2018 BoardRoom Magazine 'Excellence in Achievement' Membership Marketing Firm of the Year.

What the Net Promoter Score Means to Your Club

There is an enormous difference between a satisfied member, and a loyal member. Satisfied members may not be quitting anytime soon, but loyal members will invite their friends.

Experience the ‘Before and After’ Effect Now

A good before and after story always resonates with those who have put off a task or project for a while (maybe even last year’s club resolution). It’s good to have goals. Unfortunately, some goals are harder to attain (or keep) than others.

Align Your Goals With Your Purpose

The setting of membership goals in combination with the purpose of the club gives all individuals involved in the marketing process a “blueprint” that will help to guide the decision making process.

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