Attract, Engage, and Connect with Members

Membership Committee Responsibilities

There is no disputing that serving as a volunteer member of the membership committee is different today than it was 20 years ago. Historically, the primary role of this committee has been administrative, performing such duties as approving/rejecting applications and formalizing... Continue Reading →

Steve Graves “10 People who are Shaping the Future of Private Clubs” by Golf Inc.

Creative Golf Marketing, a consulting firm for private clubs of all kinds, including sports, yacht and ski clubs, is known for focusing on the basics and improving club revenues, marketability, efficiency and long-term stability. Graves is a popular inspirational speaker in the private club industry with a special... Continue Reading →

The Results were Phenomenal!

Simply put, hiring Creative Golf Marketing may be one of the best decisions this club has ever made. After 10 straight years of net membership loss, new management felt it was time to do something different. After careful due diligence,... Continue Reading →

Focus on the Details that Matter

All too often while working with country clubs from across the nation, we find that the collateral materials at the club are outdated or of poor quality. These materials represent your club and can make the first impression on a... Continue Reading →

You Paid $300 to Golf with Your Friends?

Club leaders are constantly and consistently asking their members to introduce the Club to their friends and/or business associates. That makes total sense. The members are doing you an enormous favor by bringing guests, potential members, and walking/talking billboards out... Continue Reading →

“This is the BOOST We Needed!”

We are in the single digits from our max of 400 for the first time in my 4 years at the club.  Keep in mind, we were below 325 just three years ago. Bottom line we are at all-time highs for... Continue Reading →

“Membership Marketing Firm of the Year” – Excellence in Achievement Award

We are grateful and honored to announce that Creative Golf Marketing has been awarded by The BoardRoom Magazine the “Membership Marketing Firm of the Year” for 2016; representing the 15th designation in the 18 year history of the “Excellence in... Continue Reading →

CMAA World Conference – Education Session – Stop the Ridiculous Practice of Food & Beverage Minimums

Private club leaders have become addicted to bad profits and should consider investing in more 'member friendly' strategies which are more financially beneficial to the club. Three alternative strategies for improved financial performance and better member recruitment and retention.

Connection is Key

Connection is the core reason most private clubs were created. “Clubs are and always will be about the people and the relationships they forge with others,” Steve Graves of Creative Golf Marketing said. You may have the finest facilities, large... Continue Reading →

Merging Tradition With Technology

While ‘word of mouth’ referral marketing is still considered king, private clubs that also incorporate and invest in digital strategies are experiencing a significant growth of new member prospects and club interest. If you could go back in time and... Continue Reading →

May every happiness be yours in the new year!

Because of the goodwill of those we serve is the foundation of our success, it's a real pleasure at this holiday time to say "thank you" as we wish you a full year of happiness and success. - Creative Golf... Continue Reading →

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The Offense Sells Memberships

In football they say, “Offense sells tickets and defense wins championships”! That may be true but without ticket sales there won’t be enough revenue to field a team. I am confident you can tell that my metaphorical story has a... Continue Reading →

We are grateful and honored to announce that Creative Golf Marketing has been awarded by The BoardRoom Magazine the “Membership Marketing Firm of the Year” for 2016; representing the 15th designation in the 18 year history of the “Excellence in... Continue Reading →

“This Was a Great Event for our Club!”

"Let me send this to congratulate and thank Creative Golf Marketing for their efforts in organizing and hosting the membership event. It was a full house...bringing in more chairs and a number of folks standing. Creative Golf Marketing did a... Continue Reading →

“We Already Have Some Inquiries!”

"Your take on topics that are outside of just 'marketing' and your passion for helping the club business grow and stay relevant shows in all you do. I truly appreciate all you have done for my club and the club... Continue Reading →

We're excited to announce our newest collaboration with Desert Mountain Club. With 6 golf courses, it will be hard for us to stay inside and get work done!

Canterbury Golf Club

"Over 100 new members is an astounding success and exceeded our expectations. The road map Creative Golf Marketing laid out was simple and direct. The momentum is great and we can only continue to build on it." Michael Kernicki, PGA... Continue Reading →

Amarillo Country Club

"Our initial Membership Marketing Initiative with Creative Golf Marketing concluded with 121 new families joining Amarillo Country Club. The quality of applicants were as impressive as the quantity." Alan Rhodes, Board of Directors Amarillo Country Club

Don’t Waste This Crisis

More often than not we need to experience a crisis to modify our behavior (weight, smoking, relationships, money, etc). Without a bit of a crisis, in one or more of these areas of our life, we tend to simply muddle... Continue Reading →

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