All too often while working with country clubs from across the nation, we find that the collateral materials at the club are outdated or of poor quality. These materials represent your club and can make the first impression on a perspective member. Remember that you never know when a prospect may be at the club and the information handed to them may make the determination if they join the club, or not.

The Information
Is the information you provide easy to understand; is there a flow to the documents; is all the information correct, i.e. initiation fees, membership categories, dues, minimums and assessments? These documents have to tell a story, who you are, what the club has to offer, how much it costs and what are the guidelines and process for them to become a member of the club.

The Package
You would never serve your finest meals on poor china or Xerox the scorecards for the golf course. The same holds true for the information you provide to a possible new member. What you have to say is so important that the package it comes in should be professional and appealing.

Your club will be represented by what you provide for them to take home. Make sure that what they review about the club is correct, informative and attractive. Every club must decide which format and content works best for them. But make sure your club is represented properly.

Print Vs. Digital – It’s Not a Battle
Digital can be fast-moving and flexible in a way that print simply can’t; on the other hand, there’s an actual tangible object with print, something you can’t just dismiss with a click — it’s simply more personal. For example: when was the last time you received an actual “thank you” note from a business that you regularly visit? How does that extra effort in engagement affect your perception of a company? In an effort to cut costs, many clubs rely too heavily on digital communications and make themselves part of the daily noise that inundates our email and social media accounts.

Creating strategic marketing collaterals will help you build brand awareness, connect with prospects, and ultimately convert them into lifelong members.