At what age should member children be deemed adults? With Americans ages 18 to 34 more likely to live with their parents than any other living situation and the Affordable
Care Act allowing dependents to remain on their parental insurance until the age of 26, clubs are struggling with the answer to this question.

Creative Golf Marketing’s president, Steve Graves, encourages clubs to consider increasing the age of “adulthood” to 26 as opposed to ages 21 to 23 currently required by most clubs. His reasoning:

  • Clubs may see an increase in monthly club expenditures for families with older children through food and beverage programs, cart fees and other paid club services.
  • Millennials believe that private club membership can help their personal and professional lives so they see a direct benefit of club usage.
  • This conditioning makes member children more likely to join a private club in the future.

While Graves does cite several positives associated with increasing the age of adulthood, a change may also present additional discussions for club executives. Enforcing this policy change may be difficult, posing questions like: Do you bill the member or the adult child for the latter’s club charges? Can member children play in member-guest golf tournaments and similar events? How many guests can member children bring to the club per visit?

The Private Club Advisor – September 2017