Whether helping a club revitalize its slumping membership or guiding club leadership through a complex financial transition, Creative Golf Marketing has made a difference for their clients.

Fixing problems is often far more challenging than identifying them. And for many clubs, the solution is outside their area of expertise. So what do you do when you don’t know what to do? Turn to experts for help. Golf Inc. has recognized Creative Golf Marketing as one of their “2019 Advisers of the Year”.

In late 2017, after seeing rising attrition rates and stagnant membership growth, leaders of Corral de Tierra Country Club near Monterey, California, reached out to Creative Golf Marketing for help revitalizing their member-owned club.

Creative Golf Marketing’s first step was to hold a workshop that resulted in the formation of a task force to formulate a long-term membership-growth plan.

Working with club leaders, they changed the club’s membership model to allow it to transition members to a refundable, nontransferable initiation fee. They also approved a new policy that required payment of dues for 12 months following formal notice of resignation.

These strategies generated over $450,000 in nonrefundable initiation fees, including more than $200,000 in nonrefundable equity initiation fees, which previously would have created a future refund liability.

Creative Golf Marketing also launched a marketing plan that resulted in the addition of 88 new families, including 35 who were younger than age 45. Club officials said the influx of new members allowed to club to move forward with several capital improvement projects.

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