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Let’s Give Them Something To Talk About

Different is great and unique is better. And, providing unique and different events for the membership of a private club is what all private clubs should be striving to provide their membership.

The Gamification of the Golf Industry

We live in a world of ‘gamification’ and competition. Fantasy golf is an example of bringing the concept of gamification to the golf industry.

It’s All in A Name

How do you communicate with your members? This question may be more important than you’d imagine. Do you include both the names of the husband and wife you are trying to reach?

‘No One’s Fault’ – Uncontrollable Circumstances and Attrition Rates

It's well known that ‘natural’ or ‘uncontrollable circumstance’ attrition rates average around six to eight percent for golf and country clubs and can range as high as twelve to fourteen percent in city and yacht clubs. The most common uncontrollable... Continue Reading →

“We Owe You a Debt of Gratitude…”

"Oakmont Country Club owes you such a debt of gratitude for how you have guided us to the right path to sustainability. We continue to keep ahead of the curve on new members. Creative Golf Marketing has certainly remained at... Continue Reading →

Golf Digest Editors’ Choice – Best Membership Marketing

We are proud and very excited to be named the ‘Best Membership Marketing’ firm by the Editors of Golf Digest magazine in 2018 – the golf industry’s complete guide to services, products and golf across the globe. This is the... Continue Reading →

How Do Clubs Handle Cognitive Dissonance?

cog·ni·tive dis·so·nance (n) An individual who holds two or more contradictory ideas or values at the same time, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change In our daily lives, there are many instances of cognitive dissonance. For example,... Continue Reading →

“Dear Club, I Quit.” – Not so fast my friend!

Resigning from a private club is a very serious proposition for both parties involved. Club leadership needs to be aware of the desire of the current member to leave/resign from the club. A resignation from the club has a significant effect... Continue Reading →

Club Connection – Subscribe Today

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Maximizing the Membership Director

Consultant Steve Graves is a big fan of membership directors and their function in bolstering membership numbers in clubs. "The private club industry has been improving because of these talented professionals," Graves declared during the World Conference on Club Management... Continue Reading →

“Building Our Membership From Our Membership!”

Over the past two years, Talbot Country Club has engaged Creative Golf Marketing for membership development and we are very proud of the successful results. In addition to bringing in over 100 new members over two years, our relationship with... Continue Reading →

Create New Relationships With Your Food

Membership Professionals and Communication Directors are always seeking out a story or a fun highlight to recognize a group or individual within the club. One leadership position in the private club industry that is not represented as publicly as other... Continue Reading →

How to Make the Most of a Fresh Start

Thorough planning will provide your private club with a road map for informed decision making. Starting 2018 with a solid game plan and the understanding of previous efforts, successes and failures, will ensure you are planning a productive strategy and,... Continue Reading →

“Thank You For a Job Well Done!”

Like most clubs, members can be a little skeptical at trying new marketing strategies, but your enthusiasm, experience and business model for setting up our program was tremendous. From our first conversation and throughout the program, I had the utmost... Continue Reading →

What happens after you click send?

Sometimes it is a good thing if “big brother” is watching. Particularly if you are a Membership Director of a private club. Tracking and monitoring emails can make lead generation more productive, predictive and fun to follow up. You’ll spend... Continue Reading →

Who’s the Stubborn One on Your Board?

"Stock Farm Club retained Creative Golf Marketing to lead our Board discussions. As an outsider, Creative Golf Marketing was able to bring perspective, and just as importantly, they were able to moderate the discussions and be the intermediary when the positions... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas from Creative Golf Marketing. We wish you great success in this New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2018.

“Thank You So Much for Your Guidance!”

Our Board of Directors could not be more satisfied with the quantity and quality of our newest members. The 90 new families we accepted were we beyond our most optimistic predictions. In particular, the number of junior members was a... Continue Reading →

2017 Excellence in Achievement Award

Creative Golf Marketing is grateful and honored to announce that we have been awarded the "Membership Marketing Firm of the Year" for 2017 by BoardRoom Magazine; representing the 16th designation in the last 18 years of the 'Excellence in Achievement' Awards!... Continue Reading →

Creative Golf Marketing a Proud Sponsor of the PCMA

Creative Golf Marketing is proud to announce our new sponsorship with the Professional Club Marketing Association and becoming one of only five Premier Professional Club Resources for Membership Professionals within the private club industry. "We are extremely pleased and excited... Continue Reading →

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